• Fountains

    Garden Fountains from South Tyrol

  • Garden taps

    Garden taps

    Are you looking for some nice taps for your garden or your fountains? Gasser Naturstein in South Tyrol - Italy will be happy to provide you with the right tap for all your needs. Choose between various offers, such as, the goose neck taps or taps with special decorations, equipped with different water attachments.

    One of our great classics is represented by taps with open water sources, which can be adapted to various types of fountains. The final effect is the same given by a stream or a mountain spring: relaxation and well being for body and soul.

  • Outdoor kitchen

    Outdoor or indoor kitchens

    The company Gasser Naturstein manufactures outdoor and indoor kitchens, all of them made to measure and ready to use.

    Ideally, an outdoor kitchen is in no way inferior to a small fitted kitchen and can be designed according to your needs.

    The worktop is made of solid South Tyrolean natural stone or of stones that are of Italian or international origin. The top surface is brushed and impregnated with a special product to prevent stains. The edges of the worktop can be cut cleanly or left in a broken state, giving the object a unique rustic effect.

    Various fixtures/equipment can be installed or milled out, depending on your needs:

    A sink with tap is very practical for an outdoor kitchen; simply connect the garden hose to the sink with the usual garden plug system and you will dispose of running water. This way you can clean the vegetables grown in your own garden in the outdoor kitchen and the kitchen in your house stays clean.

    •          Cooking hob with Bora or similar extractor fan (for indoor kitchens)
    •          Coal grill, wood grill, gas grill or electric grill plates from the company Jaksch
    •          Recesses in any shape for an herb bed
    •          Recesses in any shape for beverage cooling (ice cubes)
    •          cut-out for LED lighting at the bottom of the stone and integrated drip nose
    •          We use built-in parts from the companies Formitable-Jaksch, Quooker and Bora.

    In addition to the actual cooking area, an outdoor kitchen should above all have enough working space; this makes it possible to prepare and cook all dishes in the outdoor kitchen. Storage facilities and storage space additionally facilitate working at the cooking station.

    Therefore, it is also important to manufacture the substructure according to your requirements. The substructure can remain open or be designed like a cabinet. In this case you can decide whether you want your cupboards to be accessible on one or both sides. The substructure can also accommodate refrigerators and possibly additional shelves for cooking utensils. The gas bottle also finds its place here. The supporting substructure is made of steel; you can choose between natural (rusty), galvanized, powder-coated or painted in the various RAL colors.

    Each external or internal kitchen manufactured by us is a unique, long-lasting piece, and you are welcome to contribute to its design in any form.

    We are looking forward to advice you!

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    Outdoor showers

  • Garden decoration

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